Horsham Linux is an effort to get more people into using Linux in the Horsham, West Sussex area as well as provide support. It has been started and run by Sam Light who also provides software development services through Lightscale Tech Ltd.

The primary focus is to help people get into using Linux as a desktop operating system. It is a great replacement from Windows or Mac. The aim is to cater to the absolute beginner user as well provide community and support for existing users.

Linux is often used on servers and runs a large part of the Internet. Although the primary focus of what I want Horsham Linux to be is Desktop Linux I want to include all types of people from the desktop to the server. Beginner to advanced.

The primary reason for creating Horsham Linux is to help people in the Horsham area to start using Linux as there operating system.

Linux is a fun system to learn and use with many different ways you can use it.

I would like to build interest around the idea of meetup in Horsham to talk about Linuxy things and also help people out with any questions or problems they may have.

Linux isn't as hard as people say but sometimes you can run into issues. Horsham Linux can provide support when its required.

This can be for home and small businesses. We can help with desktop and server support.