If you are not comfortable to try out Linux on your own but still want escape the Microsoft and Apple ecosystems I would like to offer one to one support. This could be to get a computer setup with a suitable Linux distribution.

Desktop support

Although the primary focus of the Horsham Linux is to build a community of people to support each over, some times it might be desirable to have one to one support from someone.

I would like to offer myself to help people. This would be on an ad hoc basis billed at a pre-agreed hourly rate. I have been using Linux on the desktop for more that 10 years and been using it as my primary system for all my work for the past 3 years. Although there is many things that I may not know the answer to, I feel I can provide support for most issues.

Server support

The main point of Horsham linux is the desktop user, but I have many years of experience running Linux web servers, running many different types of applications. If you need help with getting something running on the internet I can help!